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PLC Simulation Software: Factory I/O with Connected Component Workbench

There’s a strong demand for people who can program Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). However, new learners might not have access to an actual PLC to learn. Simulation software helps fill that gap. In this course, instructor Zara Khalil covers two simulation softwares by going through projects that grow progressively more complicated. Zara goes over the interface and programming methodologies for Connected Components Workbench (CCW) software, then introduces you to the CCW Micro800 PLC simulator. After a software demonstration using the CCW simulator, she gives you an overview of Factory I/O software and shows you how to download and use Factory I/O. Once you have both softwares installed and ready to go, Zara dives into the actual projects: a control panel, a conveyor belt, a filling tank with timer, and a PLC program to sort cardboard boxes by height. After completing the projects, she presents some useful troubleshooting tips for CCW software and Factory I/O.

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