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Sales Skills: 12 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Next Persuasive Presentation

In this course, sales presentations expert Terri Sjodin identifies twelve common mistakes that may cost a sales professional the win, the deal, or the opportunity. Building your persuasive sales presentation skills starts with identifying potential areas for improvement, and in this course, Terri offers practical opportunities to reflect and consider where your presentation skills may need attention. Learn through the experiences of others and improve your presentations faster–before you walk into your next meeting or turn on a webcam for your next call.

The course is divided into three categories of presentation aspects: building your case, leveraging creativity, and honing your delivery. Each chapter explores a specific presentation mistake—why it happens, why it’s damaging, and one tip on how to correct it. These insights can help you course correct and save yourself time, increase your earning potential, reduce stress, and gain greater confidence for your future presentations.

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