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Reorganize and Transition Your Team for Change

The act of reorganizing teams in times of change is a common occurrence. Unfortunately, many of these efforts are unfocused and poorly thought through, contributing heavily to the fact that 70-80% of all change initiatives fail. Change isn’t easy, it disrupts teams and so much more, so leaders must bring organization and a plan for transitioning teams through it all. In this course, Scott Mautz lays out a blueprint for guiding team reorganization efforts that refocus, reenergize, and achieve real results.

Scott shows how to set the path for the reorganization with an exciting and purposeful mission and intentional organizational assessment. He covers the specifics of how to go about reorganizing your team in a detailed manner and how, what, and why to communicate along the way. Through this course, discover how to refocus your team on what matters in ways that create commitment and accountability.

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