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Rapid Ideation

Generating ideas is hard enough when you have plenty of time, but what do you do when your time runs short? To be successful, your team needs to generate ideas quickly if it wants to deliver effective solutions and consistent results. Join author Stefan Mumaw as he explores the key differences between traditional ideation and rapid ideation, with proven tips you can put to use to maximize results.

Learn to ideate rapidly like a pro using tried-and-tested techniques to solve common collaborative problems. Stefan illustrates how to overcome complex challenges by inventing, iterating, and inflating throughout the ideation process. Whether you’re an individual brainstorming a new direction for your life, or an organization trying to develop a new product or process, there’s a tool to meet the ideation needs of every occasion. By the end of this course, you’ll know more about which tool would work best for you, so you can generate new ideas faster and more effectively every time.

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