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R: Interactive Visualizations with htmlwidgets

Using the R language almost exclusively, htmlwidgets allow you to create the same interactive maps, charts, and graphs you see on popular data journalism sites and in BI dashboards. You can connect R to popular JavaScript libraries—such as Plotly and Leaflet—with htmlwidget packages. The interactive visualizations you create can be used in R Markdown reports and presentations, and even integrated into rich, responsive Shiny applications. This course introduces you to the fundamental skills needed to add htmlwidgets to your R workflow.

Start by learning to manage packages and structure data for visualizations with the tidyverse and the pipe operator. Then there is an important question: Which library should you choose? The course introduces five popular options: Leaflet, Plotly, Highcharter, visNetwork, and DataTables (DT). Instructor Charlie Hadley shows how to use these libraries to create scattergeo, choropleth, and geolines maps; stacked bar charts, scatter charts, bubble charts, and heat maps; treemaps and time series charts; interactive networks and graphs; and responsive, interactive data tables. Plus, learn how to customize your visualizations with legends and tooltips, and extract click information for Shiny apps.

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