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Pushing Past Your Prior Limits

Whether or not we’re consciously aware of it, we are all walking around with a scorecard of other people’s expectations— the right place to go to college, the right person to marry, the right career to pursue. These expectations, definitions of success, and anxieties come from parents, teachers, friends, and so on. These scorecards keep us from being who we truly are. In this audio-only course adapted from the How to Be Awesome at Your Job podcast, Pete Mockaitis talks with Laura Gassner Otting about freeing yourself from other people’s expectations. As Laura explains in this conversation, when you’re unencumbered by the expectations of others, you can feel limitless and achieve a fulfillment in your life and your career that was previously obscured.

This course was created by Pete Mockaitis of How to Be Awesome at Your Job. We are pleased to offer this training in our library.

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