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Own It: The Power of Women at Work

Get essential insights and lessons on how women in business can network and negotiate better and get the feedback needed to elevate their careers to a new level of success.

Can professional women break through the glass ceiling? And can they do it without following the restrictive rules and expectations for how they are supposed to behave at work? The answer is yes, according to Sallie Krawcheck, one of the highest ranked women to work on Wall Street, CEO of Ellevest, and best-selling author of Own It: The Power of Women at Work. In this audio course, learn how to get the feedback you need in the workplace, negotiate for what you want, and improve your corporate culture. Get tips on networking well at any stage of your career and finding a powerful mentor. Discover how women can advance in business by embracing and investing in the unique traits proven to make women stronger leaders, better team players, and more valuable assets to companies and employers.

This audiobook was created by Penguin Random House. We are pleased to host this content in our library.

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