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Outsourcing Management

Successful outsourcing depends upon proper management, with the right processes and attitudes. In this course, instructor Bob McGannon covers proper outsourcing management practices, from within the outsourcer’s organization or the client’s organization. He shows you the specific management tools and approaches that you need to lead a successful team. Proper governance of an outsourcing relationship is pivotal for success, and you need to understand where the client’s responsibilities end and the outsourcer’s responsibilities begin. Bob steps you through all this, plus contract reviews and more. Outsourcing relationships aren’t only governed by contracts, though. Bob discusses how to use a procedures manual and customer satisfaction surveys to help manage outsourcing relationships. Bob explains several important delivery outcomes, then concludes by showing you other resources you can use to further your knowledge.

Note: This course was created by Bob McGannon. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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