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One-Minute Habits for Hybrid and Remote Working Success

Just because the workplace has changed doesn’t mean that you have to give up on cultivating new and meaningful work habits. It may be a bit harder in a fully remote or hybrid environment, but with the right approach, you and your team can still continue to thrive. Join instructor Scott Mautz in this quick, fresh take on impactful one-minute habits that can help you be more successful in an ever-changing workplace.

Discover ways of identifying and overcoming common issues that surface in hybrid and virtual environments. Learn about how to cultivate new, dependable habits to improve communication and optimize cross-functional collaboration. Get tips on facilitating remote presentations, promoting inclusion and fairness in the workplace, managing your time, and using technology more effectively. While you’re at it, Scott gives you pointers on how to preserve work-life balance so you can avoid burnout and exhaustion and show more compassion for your team.

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