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Occupational Safety and Health: Hazard Communication

Many workplaces around the world are subject to regulations requiring the employer to tell all employees about the chemicals they are working with or may be exposed to. This is often called “the right to know.” Many common chemicals and products fall under these right to know requirements. In this course, instructor Jim Rogers shows you how to properly communicate this information to everyone in the workplace, so they understand what precautions to take and how to keep themselves safe. Jim begins by explaining the right to know, then goes into a detailed discussion of different hazardous substances in the workplace. He covers ways to categorize hazards, as well as pictograms that alert the user to the hazards and what precautions they need to take. After stepping through how to build and understand a hazard communication (HazCom) program, Jim concludes with special considerations for several industries such as construction, pharmacies, and chemical processors.

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