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Nano Tips for Checking Your Bias: Becoming a People Advocate with Madison Butler

Welcome to our Nano Tips series, where LinkedIn Learning creators deliver impactful lessons in literally seconds. In this installment, discover practical, easy-to-use strategies to check your bias as someone who is passionate about people and culture and become a people advocate in your current and future role.

Join expert people person, chief experience officer, and the founder of Black Speakers Collection Madison Butler for an overview of the steps you need to take to check your bias, start meeting other people where they are, and become an ally to create a more inclusive workspace. From identifying candidates and evaluating resumes, interviews, and performance to employee attire, code-switching, microaggressions, and trauma, this course covers the skills you need to know to make better, more equitable decisions based on the truth of people’s lived experiences in the world. Along the way, Madison shows you how to take a closer look at the impact of what you say and do to other people on the job.

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