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Mural for Business Analysis

Mural is a popular and easy-to-use tool that’s most often applied to online collaboration and analysis work, but it’s capable of much more. In this course, Jamie Champagne helps you understand your stakeholders through visual analysis using Mural. Jamie walks you through crafting personas and describing user journeys to help focus on customers. She shows you how to use Mural’s visual toolsets to perform common analysis activities, such as prioritization, risk analysis, and creating process models. Jamie puts the focus on delivering valued products by using Mural for product roadmaps, build releases, and story maps with visual clarity. Plus, she dives into how to use Mural to speed up and simplify your project work, including running great meetings, tracking tasks, prioritizing backlogs, and facilitating retrospectives. Finish this course with more tools in your tool box for successful analysis work using Mural!

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