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Move into a Customer Success Career

Map a path from your current customer-facing support role into the lucrative and mobile career in customer success! As a growing and rewarding field, it’s no surprise that customer success is a perennial job on the rise. But how do you make the transition from another role in your company or find a path to a new organization, role, and even industry? In this course, career and customer service expert Robbie Kellman Baxter shares the mindset you need to thrive in customer success, as well as how to navigate the often-hidden job market to get hired as a customer success professional. Learn how to compare your current skills with the ideal customer success skills to identify gaps and develop a plan to round out your missing skills. Explore and recognize your unique strengths and intangibles that make you a great customer success candidate. Plus, find out how to network your way into a customer success job interview.

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