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Mastering Self-Motivation

Do you have a goal that’s been sitting on your to-do list for months? If so, you’re in good company. Professionals of all stripes struggle to take their personal goals from the drawing board to the real world. In this course, instructor Selena Rezvani shows you how to break this cycle of procrastination and inaction. Using examples from her own career, as well as lessons from top executives, Selena demonstrates how to shift your mindset and leverage practical tools to power your self-motivation—and, in turn, set and achieve bigger, more audacious goals.

Learn how to identify the kind of self-motivator you are, so that you can align goal achievement with your area of motivation. Discover how to apply science-backed research on incentives and rewards to sustain your motivation. Plus, see how to tap into your network to ignite action; reestablish your motivation when faced with ruts or procrastination; and identify work conditions that create a peak sense of flow and personal engagement.

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