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Mastering Conversations in Retail Sales

You aced your interview and landed a new position at a retail store. Now that the job is yours, how do you actually get good at it? One crucial skill that can help you succeed in this role—and in nearly every other job you’ll have going forward—is the ability to talk to customers in a way that makes them feel comfortable. Genuine conversations—and not pushy sales tactics—will help you connect your retail customers with what they need, and do so in a way that will leave them wanting to come back again and again. This course is all about mastering those conversations. In this course, Paul A. Smith goes over the kinds of conversations you’re expected to be able to have with retail customers, sharing techniques that can help you navigate those interactions successfully. Learn how to start talking to someone who just walked into your store, how to turn a conversation ender like “Thanks, I’m just looking” into a conversation starter, how to deal with angry customers, and much more.

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