Marketing on Instagram (2021)

This course is perfect, if you’re interested in marketing your product or service on Instagram, a Meta platform. Join Anson Alexander as he acquaints you with key features and digital marketing strategies that can help improve your online presence and boost sales using the popular social platform. Anson demonstrates how to use built-in Instagram tools for businesses, brainstorm content ideas, and develop a posting schedule based on the activity of your target market. He shares tips for creating engaging content with Instagram Stories, Reels, IGTV, and Guides. Anson explores using hashtags and location tagging to increase visibility, and demonstrates how to use Instagram Insights to review statistics and metrics regarding your posts. He also shows how to create shopping posts in Instagram Shopping as well as how to use paid ads to reach a wider audience. Plus, Anson provides insider tips and secrets that can help you navigate the Instagram community like a pro.

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