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Managing OKRs with Microsoft Viva Goals

With a significant increase in hybrid and full-time remote roles, organizations need new ways to keep employees connected, supported, and thriving. Viva, an employee experience platform from Microsoft, was designed to provide just that. In this course, LinkedIn staff instructor Nick Brazzi walks you through how to set up, track, and manage OKRs using Viva Goals. Nick shows you how to access Viva Goals on the web and from inside Microsoft Teams. He goes over setting up and managing an organization, viewing objectives, and creating your own OKR list. Nick explains how to add key results and initiatives to your objectives and use sample objectives. He covers how to view OKRs for your organization or team, how to create teams, and more. Nick also discusses how to track and measure your results. Plus, he highlights ways to customize Viva Goals for your organization.

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