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Managing Introverts

Work environments can be biased against introverts—people who direct their energy and effort internally. Instructor Jenny Blake helps you uncover the ROI of introvert-friendly management. First, Jenny shows you how to distinguish among introversion, extroversion, and ambiversion. She then points out the advantages of being an introvert and how to nurture these advantages in your team members. She walks you through how to plan individual meetings optimally to touch base, build trust, and meet your team member’s needs and goals. Jenny covers how to help employees align work activities with their energy levels and how to ensure your employees can share their voice. She also teaches how to structure your gatherings to allow engagement at different levels, as well as how to design recovery activities to help introverted team members avoid burnout. In conclusion, she offers insights on how to help your extroverted colleagues adapt to the work styles of introverts and ambiverts.

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