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Leverage the Power of Curiosity at Work to Adapt and Grow with Francesca Gino

Curiosity, used strategically, not only improves the way we work but also transforms the way we think by allowing us to see creative solutions, make wiser decisions, and increase our influence. In this course, professor, author, and public speaker Francesca Gino explains that curiosity is a skill that we need to learn about and practice diligently. After defining curiosity, Francesca discusses curiosity as the key to performance and resilience and shows you several ways to put curiosity into action. She dives into the power of expressing curiosity and approaching work as a novice, then demonstrates how shifting the way you ask questions can keep your curiosity alive. Francesca covers how to leverage curiosity during conflict and goes over techniques to encourage others to be curious. Learn how to make curiosity a way of life!

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