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Learning to Say No with Confidence and Grace

Turning down requests at work can be tough. If you’re a high performer who serves as a resource for other teams, it can even feel like a small failure. But saying no is actually a critical skill that all professionals must master in order to prevent burnout and honor their own needs. In this course, learn how to gracefully decline requests without negatively impacting your career or relationships.

Melody Wilding, the author of Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work, goes over the mental blocks that can keep you from saying no. She shares tips for assertively and clearly declining requests, managing your emotions when receiving pushback, and diffusing tension. She also details how to say no in special circumstances, including how to tactfully decline requests from your boss and teammates. Along the way, Melody shares scripts and sample language you can use to implement these confidence-building techniques in real-world situations.

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