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Leadership Upskilling in a Zoom Economy

The world of work has changed—most likely for good—and if you’re a leader, you have to change with it. This change may not be easy, but with the right approach, it’s more than possible to achieve it. You can become the kind of leader that others want to follow, even in the new Zoom economy. Join instructor Bonnie Hagemann as she teaches you how to upskill as a leader in a constantly changing work environment.

Learn how to attract and retain key talent by leading with vision, empathy, adaptability, inclusion, and a spirit of trust. Bonnie shows you how to forge connections and overcome the myriad challenges of the Zoom economy. Upon completing this course, you’ll have the skills you need to be a more collaborative, supportive leader who’s always looking out for the team’s well-being to ensure that everyone feels inspired and engaged—and better positioned to achieve maximum results.

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