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Killing the Save Button: Making Brave Product Decisions

Every product you see, hear, feel, or experience is the result of many, many decisions.
These decisions start from the basic “What problem does this solve, and for whom?” to figuring out how to best get your product into customers’ hands, to integrating your product with existing products, and much more. For product managers, all these decisions impact a product’s success or failure. In this course, explore the art of making brave product decisions with Jonathan Rochelle, Product VP at LinkedIn, as he shares his key principles for product management, including specific examples and lessons he’s learned over his career in product management. Jonathan covers important topics like: How to balance customer needs with innovation; key principles for a healthy product; understanding the reasons you may need to make a hard pivot or change in your strategy; measure your results and continually refine your efforts; and more, all toward the goal of making you a stronger product manager.

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