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It’s All Possible (Blinkist Summary)

The list of achievements that were once deemed impossible and have since been accomplished is long and, sometimes, laughably outdated. For example, running a four-minute mile was once unthinkable, and now it’s been done over 1400 times. Whether it’s a daunting record in an athletic competition, or unrealized personal goals, far too often, we let our lives be defined by narrow constraints. Instead of striving to attain our goals or working to pursue our desires, we imagine them to be out of reach. This audiobook summary of Rob Hartnett’s It’s All Possible provides an inspiring guide about changing your life for the better. This upbeat manual gives practical advice about accomplishing your personal and professional goals, and helps you identify and overcome the habits, beliefs, opinions, and experiences that shape your reality and hold you back from success.

Note: This audiobook summary was produced by Blinkist. We are pleased to host this content in our library.

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