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Inside Sales: Managing Sales Rep Personas

As a sales manager, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by managing so many different personalities? This course helps you identify the best and most effective ways to manage the different personality types on your team. In this course, experienced inside sales leader Josiane Feigon shows you how to set a higher standard for performance and coach from the inside out as a manager. Josiane goes over the four zones that determine how people listen and learn. She explains skills ranking criteria and how to raise the bar with your team. Then Josiane dives into coaching strategies that help you redirect challenging personalities on your team. For example, how would you manage a sales rep with call resistance, a rep who talks big but falls short of the mark, one who’s a great reactive “fixer” but never has time for proactive sales activities, and so on? This fun course covers many of the personalities you’re likely to encounter and how to bring them to their best.

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