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Infographic Design Theory: How the Market and Science Impact Success

Over 10,000 infographics are released online every day, but less than one percent of them find any real success. The trouble is there’s a common misconception that an infographic is merely a packaging of text and illustration. But in order to create a truly successful infographic you need to understand the power of visual communication and how to apply the seven key principles of great infographics. When properly executed, visuals can connect with an audience exponentially faster than any other form of communication.

In this course for graphic designers and marketers of all backgrounds, join instructor Amy Balliett to explore the power of successful infographics that showcase the purest forms of visual communication. Along the way, Amy walks you through the seven principles of great infographics—an essential formula to deliver engaging infographics that can help you stand out from the crowd and improve your overall content design.

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