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Inclusive Mindset

Creating an inclusive environment is by no means a passive act. It’s a deliberately cultivated, highly complex skill set that can be learned over time with the right kind of mindset—and the right guiding principles: humility, bravery, and dedication. Join instructor Dereca Blackmon to find out why inclusive communicators are better able to recruit and retain talent, navigate crisis and conflict, and develop higher levels of executive buy-in—in practically any work environment.

Examine the latest research and current best practices on the critical effects that diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging can have on the long-term success of a business. Find out how to cultivate safer, more inclusive spaces by promoting allyship, building a culture of empathy, and acknowledging common challenges such as privilege, ignorance, human error, and cultural insensitivity. Along the way, Dereca draws examples from her own personal journey to help you put your new principles into practice.

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