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Hyperfocus (Blinkist Summary)

Multitasking may seem like a necessity in the modern work environment, but in reality it can often lead to less productivity. If you can focus on one task, while also avoiding the temptations of your usual daily distractions, you can get in the zone of an engaged, undistracted, and incisive mind. In other words, you can be hyperfocused. This audiobook summary of Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey is a straightforward guide to reclaiming your attention that lays out how you can boost both your productivity and creativity by learning to redirect your focus. Combining periods of intense concentration with spells of creative thinking sets the foundation for a brighter, more efficient version of you. If you often find yourself easily distracted or jumping from task to task, check out this course to learn several concepts and techniques that make hyperfocus easier to attain.

Note: This audiobook summary was produced by Blinkist. We are pleased to host this content in our library.

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