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Hybrid Working Foundations

How do you manage hybrid teams effectively to improve engagement, productivity, and retention? The question looms large for managers and leaders but also for individual employees, most of whom now prefer the flexibility and autonomy of a hybrid work environment. In this course, instructor Dan Schawbel takes you on a tour through the new world of work, equipping you with tools to navigate the changing landscape so you can lead your teams more effectively.

Learn more about hybrid work and what you can do to manage its complexities. Discover remote and in-person strategies to improve connection, collaboration, and engagement. Find out how to be a supportive leader by promoting a culture of inclusion and equity, building trust and rapport with your team members, and mentoring your employees to drive retention and future growth. Using real-world examples and key findings from his own research, Dan gives you the skills you need to be better prepared to manage the modern, hybrid workplace.

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