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Hybrid Team Building with Purpose

Thriving in a hybrid team environment, where part or all of the team is virtual and others are in the office, is challenging. How do we operate effectively and in a way that feels good for all of us? How do we gel and bond as a team, build trust, and explore how to be better partners for one another? Compared to in-person teams, virtual and hybrid teams spend less time focusing on these important aspects of team health. In this course, Melanie Proshchenko explores how to take what we’ve learned about creating real value in team building and apply it to our hybrid teams. Melanie shares her advice on how to foster cohesive and effective virtual and hybrid teams using team-building activities that don’t waste time and get you and your team something tangible, not just fun and games. Here, you’ll see a whole host of tools, ideas, and techniques for designing virtual team off-sites, meetings, and activities that make a difference.

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