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Humane Productivity: Burnout Proof Your Performance

It might seem counterintuitive, but to get more done, you have to work less. Working hard in pursuit of our goals is a hardwired belief, one that has resulted in productivity ideals that are unrealistic—or even unattainable. Non-stop hustle doesn’t guarantee better performance (the research is very clear about this), it just guarantees more work.

In this course, Rahaf Harfoush teaches you how to rethink productivity (hint: productivity is not about feeling guilty if you’re not productive), and build sustainable productivity practices that support your well-being, rather than drain you mentally or burn you out. Rahaf debunks outdated productivity myths and shows you new ways to manage your energy to design a system of working that is more aligned with your creative cycles, instead of focusing on productivity tips that do more harm than good.

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