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Human Resources: Managing Employee Problems

Every company has people problems. Managing them is one of the core responsibilities for human resources. So how should an HR professional approach the inevitable conflicts that can arise in the workplace? In this course, JoAnn Corley explains the role of an administrator—enforcing policy and legal rules—as well as the need and role of an advisor—coaching and viewing problems as opportunities for growth. First, get an overview of the most common employee problems and why they can present a legal risk to your company. Then learn why, as with most HR functions, problem management starts by putting a good process in place. Discover the importance of training and documentation, and find out how to circle back to the employee handbook when problems occur. JoAnn also explains how to move from the administrator to the advisor mindset by having conversations with employees and partnering with their managers to move situations forward. She shares real-life scenarios that allow you to see how to handle problems in practice, and possibly even anticipate problems before they happen.

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