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How to Source and Secure Influencer Brand Deals

As the creator economy booms, competition for brand sponsorships is more intense than ever. So how do creators get an edge in a crowded field? By mastering the art of marketing themselves before doing any marketing for brands. Justin Moore (a.k.a. the “Creator Wizard”) is one of the industry’s most trusted voices, and he’s here to teach creators how to land the sponsors of their dreams by thinking like a CEO. In this audio course from Knowable, learn essential lessons in creator business development, like how to conduct a personal brand audit, how to leverage competitors to unlock new opportunities, how to build a powerhouse pitch deck, how to get on the radar of top brands, how to evaluate agents and managers, and more. Full of IRL case studies and actionable advice on strategy, relationship-building, and (tasteful) self-promotion, this course is for anyone wanting to take their creator business to the next level.

Note: This course was created by Knowable. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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