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How to Set Boundaries and Protect Your Time

Productivity coach, author, and Emmy-winning producer Paula Rizzo shares powerful tips to help you set boundaries to protect and take control of your time. Some things sneak onto your to-do lists that make you unproductive, unhappy, and stressed. Paula helps you visualize how much different your life, including your productivity and happiness levels, could look if crucial time is protected. Paula highlights the need to identify where you’d most like to be spending your time and to learn how to track your time consistently. She teaches how to set clear rules for whenever you are making decisions about your time and schedule. Paula covers the power of no and how to say it with ease and grace. Once you say yes, it’s important to stay accountable and set yourself up for success. In closing, Paula steps you through applying a strategy to set clear boundaries and stick to rules to get back your time and create a happier, more productive work and personal life.

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