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How to Reduce the Obstacles of Ageism While Job Searching

Ageism is a common obstacle for job seekers on both sides of the age spectrum. Young and old alike often face crushing odds. And yet, it’s even more difficult for older job seekers because of conscious and unconscious biases held by decision-makers in positions of power. While it shouldn’t be the exclusive responsibility of older job seekers to overcome ageism while looking for work, there are steps that you can take to minimize the obstacles and make the process less challenging—and more rewarding—along the way.

Join Yahoo Finance‘s Kerry Hannon, a well-known author on aging and retirement, as she sits down to talk with LinkedIn News Editor Andrew Seaman on the podcast Get Hired. Gather tips and insights from Kerry to help you overcome the professional hurdles presented by ageism, including strategies for approaching today’s ever-evolving job market, developing the right mindset, navigating the interview process, and more.

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