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How to Follow Up on a Job Application

So many job seekers give up when they don’t hear back on a job. However, if they implement the strategies in this course, they can turn silence, rejection, and a postponed process into an offer. Instructor Madeline Mann gives you exactly what to say to land a job interview when companies haven’t responded to your application, never contacted you after the interview, rejected you, or said they are in a hiring freeze. Madeline explains the process to obtain a referral that can help your application get the attention of the hiring manager. She covers how to follow up effectively and sensitively after the interview and how often to follow up. She goes into how to let employers know that you are in demand in a way that encourages response. Madeline points out that staying top of mind for a company puts you in a great position to be considered for roles right when they open. In conclusion, she shows the importance of adopting a proactive and positive job seeker mindset.

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