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How to Fix Bad Agile

More than 80% of software products are delivered using an agile mindset, but the reality is that there is a lot of bad agile. Many agile coaches will tell you that bad agile is only good agile unoptimized, so this course walks you through five ways to optimize your agile team and enhance key processes. This course shows you how to keep standups, retrospectives, and product reviews productive, as well as how to keep the processes stable while allowing room for improvement. Next, it offers tips to improve your estimation and planning, while staying focused on the purpose behind the user stories. This course teaches you how to engage product owners, democratize scrum masters, and transition successfully to a cross-functional team. It also explains how to appease milestone managers and make sure that the product owner maintains ownership of the product. Finally, this course covers how to collaborate with the rest of the organization and keep your team together.

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