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How to Calm Your Mind: Finding Presence and Productivity (Book Bite)

You can overcome your anxieties, even in challenging situations, but first you need to learn how to calm your mind. In the 2022 book How to Calm Your Mind: Finding Presence and Productivity, productivity expert Chris Bailey explores practical, scientific techniques for reducing stress and enhancing productivity in your daily life. Tune into this audiobook summary from Next Big Idea Club to hear Chris share five key insights from How to Calm Your Mind. Learn how to manage the effects and distractions of dopamine, conduct a stimulation fast, replace dopamine-driven activities with well-rounded analog ones, and develop your understanding of the six triggers of burnout. Along the way, find out how to discover greater depths of calm in the analog world and reflect on the parts of your life that you value most.

Note: This audiobook summary was created by Next Big Idea Club. We are pleased to host this content in our library.

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