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Prevent Team Burnout as a Manager

Burnout is a serious issue affecting the global workforce. Consequences of not addressing burnout on your team are lower productivity, unmet business goals, and increased attrition. More importantly, unmanaged burnout can lead to exhaustion, anxiety, and depression, and put employees at risk of serious health outcomes. If managers want healthier and higher-performing teams, they must be armed with the tools to assess and prevent burnout. In this course, best-selling author and workplace well-being expert Jennifer Moss teaches managers and people leaders of all levels how to accurately define burnout and its six root causes. She explains how to assess the signs of burnout in themselves and others and implement practical and easy-to-operationalize tactics to decrease burnout. Jennifer also covers the necessary steps to develop an ongoing culture of burnout prevention needed to create happier, healthier, and more productive teams.

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