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How Leaders Generate Energy and Cultivate Commitment

Leading your team through periods of crisis is akin to a kind of art. It challenges you to leverage your entire professional skill set, as both a leader and a human being. It’s tough work, though, and over time it can take a toll on you: stress, burnout, poor performance—you name it. In this course, instructor Jan Rutherford shows you how to generate, share, and sustain creative energy to drive engagement on your team.

Discover the roles and responsibilities that befall leaders in today’s workplace. Learn about some of the challenges associated with these roles, especially during periods of uncertainty. Explore practical techniques drawn from the Head, Hands, and Heart framework, an innovative approach to group leadership through transformational learning and creative change. Get the skills you need to set a pace that’s appropriate for your team, alighting hope and commitment, eliminating distractions, and turning moments of crisis into opportunities for growth.

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