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Leadership through Learning: Teaching Your Team How to Grow with Whitney Johnson

Unlock your team’s learning potential by cultivating your leadership skills. Over the past several years, organizations have been thrust into a sea of relentless change and unpredictable disruption. Talent retention, employee engagement, and organizational structures are all being disrupted at a rapid pace. To succeed, leaders need to create conditions where teams not only survive change, but also succeed and grow from it. Join thought leader and popular podcast host Whitney Johnson as she shares her original framework that’s proven to help individuals, and those they lead, accelerate learning and vault to success.

Whitney—a LinkedIn Influencer with nearly two million followers—introduces you to the S Curve of Learning, a simple model that provides a common language to talk about growth and change. As you get smart about growth, you’ll move up the S Curve individually, and in doing so, gain the tools to grow your team. Knowing that companies don’t disrupt, people do, you’ll be better able to embrace change and lead your team.

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