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Generative AI for Business Leaders

Artificial intelligence has been affecting and transforming our lives for decades. But over the past few years, AI has made incredible progress, with some applications becoming so advanced that they are quickly becoming a powerful force in various industries, with the potential to reshape entire economies—and even reshape society.

This technology is called generative AI. It will reinvent how we humans will create content. It will redefine how we work, from automating mundane tasks to writing complex code. And it will accelerate our innovation to new levels.
Whether you’re a senior executive or any aspiring leader, learning how this technology works, why it can be disruptive for your business and industry, as well as its limitations, is critical for your company and your career. Join LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer Tomer Cohen as he shows you key tools and insights to help you use generative AI to reinvent the future of your business.

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