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Florent Groberg on Finding Your Purpose after Active Duty

Take it from a hero. Transitioning from the military to civilian life is hard. But with some simple steps and a good support system, you can find renewed purpose after active duty. In this course, Medal of Honor recipient and LinkedIn for Veterans spokesperson Florent Groberg and other veterans discuss the challenges and opportunities of leaving military service for the civilian world. Flo speaks about his own path after service, and they all share key lessons learned and next steps necessary for successful transition.

Discover how to understand your strengths and value, where your skills fit into today’s job market, and how to translate your experience into a solid resume. Learn how a mentor can help you navigate the transition and open up new opportunities. With Flo’s advice, you can find a new purpose and continue the journey you started in the military—bringing your talents to bear on a whole new mission in life.

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