Finance Strategies for Business Leaders

Finance is an important part of any business, and even if finance does not seem like it’s part of your job—it’s still part of your job. The finance leaders in your organization play a critical role in keeping your company afloat, both today and in the long term. As a leader, the best thing you can do to help ensure financial success is to make sure the right people are making the right short-term tactical and long-term strategic decisions.

In this course, Jason Schenker demystifies the strategic decisions that finance leaders make, as well as how business leaders outside of finance can contribute to their success. Jason lays out strategies for structuring a financial management plan for your organization. He helps you identify the choices and tradeoffs between investing in growth and taking out earnings or profits. He looks at various kinds of financial risks, as well as how audits can help address risk. Plus, he shares long-term strategies for keeping your company’s finances in check.

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