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Excel PivotTable Quick Tips

Excel PivotTables–which allow you to quickly calculate and analyze large amounts of data–are one of the most powerful features of Microsoft’s ubiquitous spreadsheet tool. But many users have only a basic understanding of how PivotTables work. In this course, instructor Jess Stratton offers a plethora of bite-sized tips designed to deepen your understanding of how PivotTables work and how to use them more effectively.

Learn how to properly format data and create a basic PivotTable in Excel. Discover ways to adjust, rearrange, and group data to calculate and summarize values that you can put to use on the job. Get tips on data filtering and sorting, conditional formatting, and using PivotCharts and slicers. Along the way, Jess shows how to deal with common PivotTable error messages, such as invalid field names and overlapping reports. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to create more robust PivotTables in minutes—just in time for that next meeting.

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