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Enhance Productivity in a Hybrid Work Environment

Moving your workday from an office building to the quietest corner of your own home was likely jarring at first—but now, you’ve found your groove. Maybe you’ve even grown to like remote work. But with many organizations prepping for a hybrid work environment in which employees split their time between remote and in-person working, you’ll likely need to adjust your mindset yet again. In this course, productivity author and Emmy-winning producer Paula Rizzo shows you how. Learn how to revamp your productivity style to help you stay on task when switching between locations. Discover how to rethink your physical spaces so that they are mirrored at home and at work, as well as how to prepare both your regular and home office for productivity whenever you’re working there. Plus, learn how to stay one step ahead of productivity challenges, including how to deal with new disruptions at home and in the office.

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