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Discovery-Driven Leadership with Rita McGrath

What type of leader thrives in times of great uncertainty? Surprisingly, it’s not those who insist on sticking to their own vision. Instead, the leaders who confidently embrace change and criticism are the ones who end up finding the most success.

Rita McGrath—a best-selling author, speaker, and longtime professor at Columbia Business School—has spent much of her career examining how leaders can use business changes to their advantage. In this course, Rita shares her findings as she details what it means to be a discovery-driven leader, as well as how to create a more agile and innovative workplace for your teams.

Rita explains how to approach information architecture in a way that encourages discovery, as well as build an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their findings (especially if they’ve uncovered a problem!). Plus, get tips for leveraging the right metrics in the right situations and adopting a more future-thinking approach to management.

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