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Discover Your Stress Personality

In a recent Gallup Well-being at Work survey, only 33% of employees reported that they’re thriving in their overall wellbeing, and half of the workforce reports consistent stress in their lives. Chronic stress can sabotage your health and well-being, making you more vulnerable to depression, disease, and disengagement from your work, family, and life. In this course, human performance expert Dr. Lauren Hodges shares recent advances in the neuroscience of stress, which have uncovered new insights that can help us better manage, leverage stress for growth, and possibly reduce our risk of burnout. Learn about the science of stress and how to identify your stress personality. Are you a fighter, runner, worrier, freezer, pleaser, or thriver? Find out how your stress personality may complement or clash with others. Then find ways to turn your new insight into action with a “stress reset.”

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