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Digital Transformation: A Toolkit for Non-Programmers

Digital transformation is never straightforward, and if you’re not a programmer, it can be quite a slog. But with new technology coming out every day now, your business can’t afford to fall behind. You need to take advantage of the latest digital technology available to bring your analytics and data up to speed. In this course, instructor Attul Sehgal walks you through some of the biggest challenges posed by digital transformation, with strategies to overcome them using powerful new tools. Learn more about transforming your business and adopting innovative technology, such as prototyping tools, data lakes, and data visualization models that allow you to measure as you grow. Along the way, Attul shows you how to get the most out of tools like Miro, Power BI, MarvelApps, and Lumen5. Don’t fall behind when you can jump ahead now and change your business before it’s too late.

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