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Develop and Promote Your Hybrid Competence

Experts have coined a new soft skill they say deserves attention: “hybrid competence.” If you’ve successfully juggled Zoom calls, monitored Slack threads, and maintained relationships with co-workers, these are all “skills that are worthy of highlighting on a résumé, and could help you land your next job,” writes Business Insider. Indeed, the ability to work fluidly and effectively across on-site and remote work locations (hybrid competence) is one of the most vital skills you can develop for the foreseeable future. In this course, Scott Mautz shows you key aspects of developing and promoting your hybrid competence. Scott explains how to organize yourself for hybrid work and covers critical actions and behaviors that will help you succeed, as well as how to communicate and collaborate effectively in hybrid environments. He covers how you can quickly create and foster connections and build your visibility. Plus, Scott goes over effective strategies to showcase your hybrid competence.

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