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Designing a 4 Day Work Week

The impact of the pandemic on workers is well recognized. Stress and burnout are on the rise, and working hours have risen higher than they have in years. Despite economic turmoil, a record number of workers are quitting jobs in search of more flexible opportunities. To address this critical issue, a growing number of companies are experimenting with reducing work time by offering a four-day week, without reducing pay. Research shows that shorter weeks can be a major contributor to making employees happier and more productive, and therefore businesses more profitable. In today’s tight labor market, it is a key option for companies to consider as they reinvent how we work. In this course, Andrew Barnes explains the process of designing a four-day week, from announcing the initial decision, to setting up a trial, implementing the plan, and measuring results. He also offers insider tips and tricks to overcome obstacles and common pitfalls, to set you up for success.

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